Develop Your Keyword Strategy


We are going to move right into developing your keyword strategy. Now I realize that building your foundation includes building your boards out but you can’t do that without understanding keywords. As part of your keyword strategy you may need to do some customer journey mapping to really understand how to attract your ideal audience on Pinterest no matter what phase they are in.

In this part of the journey you’re going to do keyword research that you will then implement into your strategy.

  1. Develop your keyword workflow
  2. Find your ICA on Pinterest
  3. How to actually find the keywords on Pinterest
  4. Using Pinterest trends
  5. Optimize your boards
  6. Writing descriptions

The pieces of this part of your strategy really come together once you have your keyword research in place. Not only do I want to show you how to find them but how to make it part of your workflow so that’s where we start in module 2. Most marketers don’t realize that Pinterest is a search engine when they get started but everything you do on this platform is going to lead back to finding those keywords.

Dive into Module 2 of Pin Profit Plan