Build Your Foundation


Step one of this entire strategy is to build your foundation.

Building a Pinterest foundation encompasses more than just creating a profile. Here’s your quick list:

  1. Start or Convert Your Pinterest Profile
  2. Audit Your Pinterest Account
  3. Claim Your Domain
  4. Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly
  5. Add Your Pinterest Tag to Your Website

Most everyone has a Pinterest account already so you will want to start with auditing your current account.

You can find the audit worksheet inside of the Pin Profit Plan course workbook. Once you have the settings part of the foundation done you’re going to move into the board and profile optimizations of your foundation.

So if you have boards created already then you’re going to move right into auditing and making notes on what you need to change. If you don’t have a lot of boards yet, that’s totally fine! We are going to move right into the keyword strategy part of this roadmap next.

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