Beginner to Moderate Roadmap


Pin Profit Plan is the foundation for the academy. This roadmap is going to show you what you should do if you are a beginner to moderate marketer with Pinterest. This path is going to be for you if you haven’t ever used Pinterest for marketing before or you’re still in the phase of getting going.

How do you know if you’re a beginner or just getting going?

Great question, let’s cover that a bit.

If you’re new to Pinterest you might get caught up in creating pretty pins and publishing them before you ever actually optimize your profile. So if you’ve never really been consistent publishing pins for your content on Pinterest then this is a great place for you to start.

Now a bit of mindset… don’t tell yourself, “oh I have done that before so I don’t need to do it.” Please DON’T do that. At least look at the roadmap and check to be sure each of the things I list here is actually done because the last thing you want to do is skip it and you don’t actually have that piece in place.

So let’s dive in!

Build Your Foundation

Step one of this entire strategy is to build your foundation.

Building a Pinterest foundation encompasses more than just creating a profile. Here’s your quick list:

  1. Start or Convert Your Pinterest Profile
  2. Audit Your Pinterest Account
  3. Claim Your Domain
  4. Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly
  5. Add Your Pinterest Tag to Your Website

Most everyone has a Pinterest account already so you will want to start with auditing your current account.

You can find the audit worksheet inside of the Pin Profit Plan course workbook. Once you have the settings part of the foundation done you’re going to move into the board and profile optimizations of your foundation.

So if you have boards created already then you’re going to move right into auditing and making notes on what you need to change. If you don’t have a lot of boards yet, that’s totally fine! We are going to move right into the keyword strategy part of this roadmap next.

Dive into Module 1 of Pin Profit Plan

Develop Your Keyword Strategy

We are going to move right into developing your keyword strategy. Now I realize that building your foundation includes building your boards out but you can’t do that without understanding keywords. As part of your keyword strategy you may need to do some customer journey mapping to really understand how to attract your ideal audience on Pinterest no matter what phase they are in.

In this part of the journey you’re going to do keyword research that you will then implement into your strategy.

  1. Develop your keyword workflow
  2. Find your ICA on Pinterest
  3. How to actually find the keywords on Pinterest
  4. Using Pinterest trends
  5. Optimize your boards
  6. Writing descriptions

The pieces of this part of your strategy really come together once you have your keyword research in place. Not only do I want to show you how to find them but how to make it part of your workflow so that’s where we start in module 2. Most marketers don’t realize that Pinterest is a search engine when they get started but everything you do on this platform is going to lead back to finding those keywords.

Dive into Module 2 of Pin Profit Plan

Pinterest Image Creation

Once you have your foundation in place and have developed a keyword strategy you are ready to start publishing. Creating images doesn’t have to be difficult but sometimes we get caught up in perfection.

So mindset shift… don’t get caught up in the perfection and just publish!

Part of this phase of the roadmap you are going to learn a variety of things:

  1. Learn how to use Canva
  2. Creating pins (various formats)
  3. How to optimize your pins on Pinterest

This module is large because there are different formats of pins you can create. So just focus on the static images for now then you can move into creating other formats like video, idea pins, etc.

Dive into Module 3 of Pin Profit Plan

Marketing & Automation

As we finish making pins you will now need to decide how you’re going to publish those pins. I personally use Pinterest & Tailwind. You can use the native scheduler or you can use Tailwind. It doesn’t really matter.

In this phase of the roadmap you’re actually going to visit 2 different courses depending on what you want to do to automate your pins.

You’re going to learn:

  1. Alternative ways to growing your business with Pinterest
  2. Scheduling pins via the native scheduler
  3. Scheduling pins via Canva
  4. Scheduling pins via Tailwind

First thing I would encourage you to finish Module 4 of Pin Profit Plan then jump to the Tailwind course  if you want to use a tool.

Take what you learned in creating pins and optimizing them for the platform and schedule them with your tool of choice.

Reading Your Analytics

In this module even though it’s short you are going to learn how to use your analytics to see if you’re work is well working.

This module brings you a custom dashboard you can build inside your own Google Analytics as well as my thought process behind reading the data, where to find it and how to track it.

You’re going to learn:

  1. How to read your Pinterest analytics
  2. How to read your Google analytics & where to find the data
  3. Building your own custom dashboard & automating that report

Jump into Module 5 of Pin Profit Plan

As an added bonus in module 6 (bonuses) there is a video on an analytics deep dive that I did. This might be of some use to you as well in the analytics area of your workflow.